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A serialized, Insider's exploration of the creative process, unpacking inspiration, expression and a good old-fashioned love of television & film. 

Episode I The Bliss of Conceit - breaking down a film’s perspective

Episode II: Anatomy of an Entrance - when our hero arrives.

Episode III: The Magic of Alchemy - casting is in the dynamic between the performers.

Episode IV: The Good Quote - memorable characters are from memorable writing.

Episode V: Storytelling - Dr. Robert Lim; ret Colonel, on his first trip into Iraq.

Episode VI: Write Well - creating a story beat by beat from good characters.

Episode VII: Paradiso - Yo-Yo Ma and Chris Botti play Ennio Morricone.

Episode VIII: Conversation with a Dragonmaster; Emmy winner James Lew.

Episode IX: The Camera Moveth - using movement at just the right moment.

Episode X: Amy Winehouse

Episode XI: By Design; conversation with GM designer Brian Smith.

Episode XII: Telling Story with Sound; Eric Norris ( Ford v. Ferrari ).

Episode XIII: Let the Shot Speak to You; Niven Howie (Lock Stock & 2 Smok'n Barrels )

Episode XIV: The Last Drawing - digital sketching by a nimrod.

Episode XV: Painting as a Damn Director - complicating things for yourself.

To be a Director for film or television is to be an aggregate of other people’s talents.  Your job is to find contribution from all corners of production and guide and incorporate them into the project everyone is working on.  And if you’re missing the point that this is truly the fun of it, man you’re in the wrong field. 

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