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A serialized, Insider's exploration of the creative process, unpacking inspiration, expression and a good old-fashioned love of television & film. 


The last in this series featuring Superman: the Movie, the casting process is greatly under appreciated.  No matter how good the technical tools you have to create an illusion, they mean nothing without strong, convincing talents to execute with them. And to have that requires inspiration and a rock-solid conceit of what you want your performers to say.   It also requires to see beyond the surface, to make a conscious effort to find what an individual brings to a character.  For those who do it, I think they deserve their own awards category. And with the rise of the Character Actor as leads - which I thought came when The West Wing came into prominence to launch our current Golden Age of television - audiences are looking for that depth.  Sure, there will always be pretty faces on screen.  But people also want to see performers who bring insight into the human condition, perhaps more so than ever before.   

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