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A serialized, Insider's exploration of the creative process, unpacking inspiration, expression and a good old-fashioned love of television & film. 

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EPISODE EIGHT: A Conversation with a Dragonmaster  (8minutes)

My guest today is prolific performer and Emmy Winning Stunt Coordinator James Lew.  With credits are as long as my arm, his works spans decades beginning with Kung Fu - the series.  Yes, that show - the one that played in the last days of the Nixon Administration.  Since then, this California native has forged a gargantuan career which includes Big Trouble in Little China, The A Team, Black Rain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Westworld, The Avengers, The Expandables, Tropic Thunder, Rosanne, Frasier and truly so much more.  And through it all, one would be hard pressed to find a more generous or soulful individual.   

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