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A serialized, Insider's exploration of the creative process, unpacking inspiration, expression and a good old-fashioned love of television & film. 

EPISODE FOUR: THE GOOD QUOTE  (5minutes:50seconds)

A visual love letter to writers and the people who perform their words.   One of the most enjoyable parts of a film: finding that microcosm moment that lives on beyond the viewing experience.  But perhaps some of the magic is missing.  We witness spectacle, but do we feel connection in movies today?  Sometimes I wonder.  Btw, I’m not saying these are the greatest movie quotes of all time.  Nor am I saying there hasn’t been a witty moment in film in the last ten years.  But the text of a movie does not seem to be transcendent of the media like it use to, which is unfortunate. As a filmmaker, I hope that can change because it’s the construction of character and the stories we tell with them that make the cinematic experience.   Please enjoy.   

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