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Multicamera Directing

Nearly a dozen cameras, one hundred person crew with a seven hundred person LIVE audience.



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X. Dean Lim has directed  over 1,700 episodes of television, with over 3,300 credits including four Emmy nominations.  He's worked single camera, multi-camera (gameshows, talk shows, court shows) and LIVE TV.

"The biggest difference between LIVE and pre-taped television are the mistakes. You’re going to have them. There isn’t a single Director in Hollywood who finishes a LIVE broadcast without regretting a shot or a jib swing, or wanting to reset somewhere along the way. And if they say they don’t, they’re lying. There is no perfect broadcast. But it’s how you handle those small mistakes that define you as a LIVE Director.


Shit happens in LIVE broadcasts. Shots don’t always land, bulbs pop and closing graphics come up mid-broadcast. It’s the Directors who keep the mistakes from either repeating or looking obvious that are the ones that do their job well. Because when it’s all said and done, it’s just like when I’m doing scripted: you’re trying to make-a-day, create a solid product and get crew back home to their families. And that’s just like any other type of gig in Hollywood." - XDL


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