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X. Dean Lim ( “XDL” ) wrote and directed the SxSW Film Festival Grand Jury nominee "First World Problems" - a pilot exploring Asian Privilege.  FWP was also  featured in Indiewire off a script that scored in the top 5% on The Blacklist.  

Dean has directed nearly 1,700 episodes of television. He has worked single camera, multi-camera and LIVE TV and is equally adroit in both drama and comedy.  He has also shot both Hong Kong-style and Western-style action.  Recently he directed Ep 308 ABC's The Good Doctor and started the year with Ep 712 of NBC's Chicago MED before returning again this summer for Ep 805.  He is currently directing The CW's KUNG FU.


Originally from New York, Dean is a former magazine feature writer. He is also a comic-book-level illustrator and an avid tennis player - after playing the game for three months, he made it to the finals of the US Open in Paddle Tennis. 

He currently lives in Los Angeles.

SOMETHING TO PUT YOU IN A BAD MOOD? Roger Federer losing SOMETHING TO PUT YOU IN A GOOD MOOD? Jeremy Lin winning BEST LINE FROM AN AUSTIN POWERS MOVIE? “There are only two things in life I can’t stand: people who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.” BEST NAME FOR A CAR? Aston Martin Oscar India YOU REGRET being too cheap to pay for concerts when I was younger MUSIC VIDEO THAT AGED THE BEST? Paula Abdul’s Straight Up BEST SHOE? Nike Air Trainer mid in green and grey  BEST SHAKESPEAREAN TITLE? Love’s Labour’s Lost DO YOU MISS NEW YORK?  Only when breathing  MOST UNDERRATED BOND The Spy Who Loved Me WORST HYPE PURCHASE? CK One MOST ADULT PURCHASE (APPAREL DIVISION) a black Hugo Boss suit SOMETHING TRULY DOUCHEE IN LA  Food trucks parked outside restaurants THE MOST MILITANT GROUP? Yoga People FIRST LYRIC THAT COMES TO MIND “I wanna’ rock your gypsy soul”  THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NY AND LA? NY = “Facebook - that’s stupid. It’ll never go no where.” LA = “My Space, that’s awesome - it’ll be around for years”; choose your poison COOLEST FOOD IN LA? Kazu Nori GREAT 80's SCRIPT Romancing the Stone NICHOLSON LINE YOU COULDN'T GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD “Never rub another man’s rhubarb” LUCKIEST FINANCIAL MOVE buying Apple stock in 2001 PEOPLE WILL MOURN  bookstores SHOW YOU MOURNED The West Wing  YOU WISH YOU HAD MET Sidney Pollack, Robert Altman, John Barry, John De Lorean & Nora Efron THE DAY YOU DIE they’ll discover moving at light speed and I won’t be around to enjoy it YOU FEEL BAD IF PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT Yo-Yo Ma  PEOPLE WOULDN’T GUESS  I bench 245lbs MOVIE  WHEN YOU’RE TRYING TO IMPRESS A GIRL Stardust Memories, Manhattan or In the Mood For Love MOVIE YOU’D WATCH WITH NO ONE TO IMPRESS Armageddon BEST EVIL VILLAIN PLOT In Superman, Gene Hackman wants to sink California into the ocean so his worthless Arizona land could become expensive beach front property CINEMATIC ARREST Megan Fox, Bridget Bardot or Brad Pitt A SLEEPING GIANT Flash Gordon SURVIVING HOLLYWOOD REQUIRES diversification of skills BOOK YOU WISH YOU FINISHED IN HIGH SCHOOL Jane Eyre - there has to be a reason for the hype THE BOOK YOU ACTUALLY FINISHED Less Than Zero 





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